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"PRACTICAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT" is copyrighted by PMR Solutions LLC and is licensed to Beza Holdings LLC

B2 Selling© - Dates TBA

B2 Selling is a B2B selling system focused upon understanding beliefs, and responding to them rather than attempting to change them. More than a qualifying system, B2 Selling provides a simple but extensible approach to one-one-one and group selling processes that provide imporant results: wins (effectiveness) and efficiency.

  • Understanding Buyer Beliefs and What To Do About Them (1 day)

  • B2B Service Belief-Based Salesn (1 day)

CHOSEN FIRST© New Product Introduction System - Dates TBA
  • Chosen First: Customer Alignment (1 day)

  • New Product Introduction Selection Process (1 day)

  • Phase / Gate Product Development (1 day)

  • Product Portfolio Management (1 day)

"CHOSEN FIRST" is copyrighted by Bruce Kellerman, PhD and licenced to Beza Holdings, LLC

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