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Welcome to the Executive S&OP assessment!  

If you have been watching our videos, and reading our articles, or maybe you’ve read our DBM S&OP book as well, you know we want to help business excel in S&OP.


We created this 10-minute Assessment based on 20 years of helping clients successfully implement sustainable S&OP practices for companies that produce everything from multi-million-dollar complex projects to high volume consumer goods.. We recommend this assessment for S&OP key stakeholders, especially executives, who want refine their S&OP process and see better results.

Using this assessment, you will be able to benchmark your process against eight key areas that we've found to be essential for a future-focused decision-making process that is executive led. Feedback and recommendation is provided for each area to prioritize improvements to your process.

How to Best Use the Executive Assessment

To best use this tool, we recommend that you have multiple people in your organization independently complete the assessment.   This will give you better insight into how the process is perceived across your organization, and provide a good starting point for improvement. The assessment will take between 10 and 20 minutes depending upon your familiarity with the S&OP process within your organization and terminology. We define terms for the questions if you have any issues.

Get Started!

We are confident you will benefit by benchmarking your Executive S&OP Process using this instrument. If you have questions about your results or need help in implementing any of the concepts in this assessment contact us.

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