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You have an S&OP Process in place, but is it working?

If you’re not seeing results in your bottom line, your Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) may require a tune up. S&OP can be an unwieldy process to implement, especially if done incorrectly, but with the right training, tools and team in place you can transform your S&OP process to an effective and collaborative experience that produces results month over month.


If you’re thinking “there must be a better way to run S&OP,” you’re right, there is.

The S&OP Assessment

Based on years of helping clients successfully implement S&OP with repeatable results, the Beza Performance S&OP Assessment will identify ways to make your S&OP process more effective. Using eight benchmarks of an effective, executive-led S&OP process, the assessment highlights which areas your current S&OP process are effective and which can be strengthened.

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