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"If we had had highly functional S&OP before Covid, we would have had better alignment with suppliers to go to market. If we had it in October of 2019, we would have had a better, more detailed understanding and a holistic approach to modeling the next six months to a year. [Your Tool] would have possibly even picked up the magnitude of the dip that was coming. There's immense benefit to that."

VP Operations, Commercial Products


"The business results are undeniable. We have been able to reduce our inventory levels and improve our inventory health while growing the business in the most challenging supply chain environment I've ever seen. We are outperforming 95% of our market during a time of growth and uncertainty; that doesn't happen by accident."

Worldwide Group President

“Our ROI for the first [lean extended value stream] three-month engagement was over 500%.  We’ve seen solid results in a number of areas, including NA plant lead-time and on-time delivery, Malaysia lead-time, on-time delivery and inventory reduction, supplier spring shipments up 75%, and a big increase in China plant capacity on the horizon. Many of these improvements will continue to generate return in future years. Moreover, Beza has a unique ability to see the things others miss, which is why they can generate ROI so effectively.”

SVP Global Supply Chain

“I have to admit that I was skeptical about the value of S&OP initially. You were able to create and articulate a vision for how S&OP would work for us, and what we would get out of it. You helped us get started quickly. As we were going through the first several months you were able to give direction and highlight changes that we needed to make. Most importantly for me you coached me through the role I needed to play in the process."

President, Industrial


"Working with you over this past year has been a real pleasure. You are unlike other consulting companies I've worked with. You not only know what you are talking about but are not afraid to stick your neck out for what is right. You worked hard on developing a vision for what we need to get done and then you rolled up your sleeves alongside my team to make it happen.”

President, Power Solutions

“With your help we got the S&OP process going and are still using it. Besides helping my team get a better handle on the business, especially around engineering and new product introductions, the accountabilities in the process gave me both a sense of urgency and clarity around the organizational changes that I needed to make. As a result, the management team works much better together, and the business is under control.”

Group President with 6 companies


Customer Logo Column 340x809.png

“[Their approach to lean] made a significant impact on our ability to exceed our annual goals…we hired them for this purpose.  They couple strong business understanding with excellent knowledge and great interpersonal skills.  The combination supports quick analysis, action-planning, engagement and motivation of the workforce, and execution of improvements.  The results are real and quick.  We will be budgeting future projects with them.”

President, Oil & Gas Industry

"The culture is starting to shift. I talked to [our sales leaders], and we all agree that we are saving double-work, but that the [booking numbers] are more than targets... they are an action plan."

VP Operations, Electronics

"We have spent hours on demand from sales, and we have a great understanding of that demand for execution of a shipment plan. We know about changes and we are working together with sales as a team."

VP Operations, Sensors

“Our first S&OP meeting after the training was unlike anything we'd done before. Sales and operations working together, communicating and better yet, understanding each other. Since then we have only gotten better. The process has helped us to hit our inventory targets, manufacturing efficiencies and improved customer service levels. We've been able to do this while navigating a significant market downturn this past year. S&OP is the tool we used to coordinate the entire team.”

VP Global Supply Chain

"As a result, it became much clearer to everyone what their role would be going forward. We were able to establish the correct accountabilities and responsibilities.”

VP Global Operations, Consumer Products

"You helped me achieve my objectives. Your efforts have helped overcome the inertia in the organization to get a new process implemented quickly. You gave clarity on the path we should be taking and helped to drive consistency across all of our world areas."

President, Worldwide Electronics



"From the beginning, I noticed areas of improvement within the team and the business.... process and tools helped our team establish standards and created a clear way for everyone to understand the data and communicate. Our team was able to focus on what needed to be done and what was actually happening. This was especially important during a time of transition of our senior management team and the significant challenges in production and supply chain brought on by the global pandemic."

President, OEM Supplier

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