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For organizations that have matured beyond the tactical focus on lanes and coverage, a 3PL partner must play a strategic role, moving past just transporting and storing to identifying problems, implementing solutions, and adding systems-wide value. We call this LETM, or Logistics, Engineering, Transportation, Management.

Thought Leadership

Derek Browning

Derek directs a portfolio of end-to-end supply chain projects for companies in a wide array of sizes and industries. A lean expert, he has also developed trained professionals in continuous improvement and lean culture, six-sigma, and supply chain optimization.

Derek Browning.jpg

Derek's experience allows him to support optimized 3PL management, which we call LETM: Logistics, Engineering, Transportation, Management.


Derek's unique approach guides the shipper in shifting its management system to better reflect the role supply chain plays in the business using LETM. The shipper and its 3PL partner re-evaluate:

  • What is our core purpose?

  • What value do we create?

  • Are we strategically aligned?

  • Are we culturally aligned?


Derek's methodology creates alignment of purpose, value, strategy, and culture, providing far more value than what is seen in a transportation budget variance report and old-school commoditized approaches to negotiation and selection.

MIT Sloan School of Management - Executive Program

Liberty University, MBA

Northern Kentucky University, BS Marketing

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