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net landed profit analytics

Net Landed Profit (NLP) based Analytics provides a unique lensing approach for identifying profit leaks, managing risk to profit, and providing root-cause problem solving.

In contrast to cost-accounting, which can obscure, NLP analytics can identify profit problems and opportunities by SKU, location, rep, client location... the level of granularity is near endless.

Thought Leadership

Richard Sharpe

Richard Sharpe is the originator and leader of the methodlogy and technology from which Beza clients benefit. His is the pioneer of the net landed profit approach to analytics and Competitive Insights. Richard is dedicated to providing our customers with actionable Cost To Serve and Net Landed Profit analytical insights to reduce costs, increase profitable performance and reduce supply chain operating risks.

Richard Sharpe.jpg

As an industry leader for the last 30 years, Richard is a frequent speaker at national supply chain forums and is a founding member of American Logistics Aid Network, a non-profit consortium serving Disaster Relief Agencies. Richard writes the DC Velocity blog on Analytics and Big Data. Formerly President of CAPS Logistics, Inc., Richard lead the company in pioneering supply chain optimization solutions adopted by 15% of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide

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