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Net Landed Profit Analytics Step 2 - DO Use Cost to Serve - DON’T Use Cost Accounting

This week, we focus on Part 2 of NET LANDED PROFIT (NLP) Analytics: Creating a data model that will yield the real insight using net landed profit to pinpoint action. In the process, we will avoid cost-accounting allocations. An NLP Income Statement is created, and driven down to every SKU, customer, location, color, etc. to find profit leaks, and then prepared for visualization.

In Part 1, we overviewed the four major components of Net Landed Profit Analytics and worked through step 1 – making sure we have a trusted set of data that everyone is comfortable using to make big decisions. Richard Sharpe of Competitive Insights will speak with us regarding his approach, honed over 30 years, at implementing a NET LANDED PROFIT approach.


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