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culture development

The right approach to culture development systematically focuses you and the organization on the one thing that motivates all people. This methodology is scientifically based and repeated proven in the marketplace.

Thought Leadership


Randal Weidenaar

VP Culture is a scientific methodology that systematically focuses your culture on the one thing that motivates all people.


Randal Weidenaar founded and honed the "VPCulture" (valuing people culture) approach due to a passion to make organizations what they really should be, a place where business and relationships thrive. His research determined that there is literally one thing that an organization can focus upon which will yield a thriving culture and fuel business growth.

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Randal has studied Business Process Design from MIT Sloan School of Management, Culture Driven Team Building at the University of Pennsylvania, Fundamentals of Neuroscience at Harvard-x, and Quantitative Research Methods at University of Amsterdam.

Randal was educated in Europe and lived there for ten years. There, he worked with teams of diverse national backgrounds from every continent. His work brought him in contact with diverse socio-economic strata from Wall Street consultants to poverty-stricken refugees on the streets of Greece. Randal uses his cultural background to spot the norms and values that shape organizational cultures.

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