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What's Wrong with Your Culture? Possibly Not Having a Road Map.

Updated: May 16, 2022

Various measures of work satisfaction are continuing to descend while many orgs are simultaneously trying to build culture. What is missing? Why the Great Resignation? Without the right road map for culture, all people gravitate to the negative: humans will scan their environment and compare notes on “threats” whether at the water cooler, or at the pre-historic campfire.

To counter, we must affirmatively focus people on the one thing that unifies and motivates people, with intentionality. And… there IS one thing that motivates all people. Building a road map for “thriving” culture is the short, mid, and long-term solution to the root cause of the Great Resignation.

This week, Marshall Henley of Beza Performance interviews Randal Weidenaar regarding the “culture roadmap” approach, which focuses on the one thing that motivates all people, creating a valuing people culture.


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