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Upcoming Courses

Lean was developed at Toyota and is called "The Toyota Way." Learn the fastest, most sustainable, and most impactful implementation of Lean from a 30-year Toyota Manager in this one-week class. You'll be up and running, sustainably.  Email for more info.

The Class 

Lean is a term that applies to a set of values, practices, and tools developed at Toyota, where it is known as the Toyota Way. The Toyota Way is generally considered, by a wide margin, to be the most effective management system ever developed. The Toyota Way applies the scientific method to the quantitative and qualitative improvement of human endeavor. Originally focused on manufacturing processes, it has been used with much success in healthcare, financial services, software development, aerospace, construction, and virtually any area where a culture of improvement is desired.


With this class, you will be up and running, implementing Lean within your business, sustainably.


Training includes hands-on breakouts with small groups to practice what you've learned.


Email for more info.


The Venue

The class will be held at the stunning Conflux Colearning facility at 8221 Minnesota Ave St. Louis MO, 63111.


The Instructor 

Tony Chamblin, Executive Consultant for LEAN at Beza Performance will lead both knowledgeable and novice associates through the ideas and structures to immediately make an impact with sustainable lean practices. Tony has 20+ years at Toyota Kentucky, where Lean first was deployed by Toyota in the US, with another decade of consulting and teaching at the University of Kentucky.




  • Essence of the Toyota Way (Toyota “Lean”):

  • Culture – Respect of People, Focus on Root Cause Problem Solving, Kaizen

  • Sustainability

  • Material and Information Flow (process mapping)

  • Waste: definition and recognition (8 wastes)

  • Roles:

  • Line Associate

  • Line Lean Leader

  • Lean Supervisor

  • KPI-driven improvement

  • BIQ (built-in quality – not“inspected-in” quality)

  • Standardized Work

  • Time Study, Yamazumi (work balancing)

  • People side of lean (HR)

  • Root Cause Problem-Solving and Solution Creation:

  • PDCA – Plan, Do, Check, Act

  • 5 Why

  • 8-step Problem Solving

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