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Demand Planning Part II: DEMAND STREAMS – what are they and how do you use them?

Demand Streams are the right way to model demand flowing into an S&OP family, but what are they? What types of demand streams can be modeled, and how does demand aggregate into load on a constrained family?

We'll tackle this issue with some real world demand stream modeling examples. Also, see the first in this demand planning and S&OP series from April, here (we’ll be on this topic through June, most likely):

--- BEZA LIVESTREAM - S&OP Thursday - On the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month 3pm Eastern/2pm Central we'll discuss how S&OP changes the executive management of a business. Doug Dedman, a thought-leader of 20 years in S&OP, will demonstrate real-world scenarios in the Five Section Sheet (5SS) weekly.

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