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S&OP EXECUTIVE PRESENTATION - What Does “Good” Look Like? Part 4

Executive S&OP is a regular and repeatable process that allows the executive to participate in the execution of strategy, setting the flow rates for the business, supply, and demand coming together into shipments. It’s impossible to do that without the RIGHT INFORMATION being presented in the RIGHT ORDER with the RIGHT FORMAT at the Executive S&OP Meeting.

In Part 4 of "What Does Good Look Like?", we discuss what the Executive S&OP Meeting Presentation, what’s in it (both minimally and optimally), and why.

In Part 1, we overviewed the eight areas we will cover in this series. Each area will point us back to process, data, and presentation. Make sure to watch each part!


BEZA LIVESTREAM - S&OP Thursday - On the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month 3pm Eastern/2pm Central we'll discuss how S&OP impacts the org with Doug Dedman of DBM Systems.


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