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S&OP MEASUREMENTS – What Does “Good” Look Like? Pt 8

SnOP Thursday Livestream 2022-12-15 WHAT DOES GOOD LOOK LIKE - Measurements
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Part 8 of our “What Does Good Look Like?” series is about MEASUREMENTS. A sequential approach to measuring S&OP success works best, starting with measuring the S&OP process. Once the process is working, we measure for effectiveness. Finally, we connect and measure business impact.

Process->Effectiveness->Business Impact is like putting gears into a transmission (process), fine-tuning that transmission (effectiveness), and optimizing that finely tuned transmission to the vehicle it’s supporting (business impact). It’s difficult, if not impossible, to change the sequence.

Also, you can now use our online assessment tool for your S&OP process using world-class benchmarks. Finally, create an improvement plan at


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