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S&OP and Demand - Tolerances and Accountability

Demand Planning Part 4: In Part 3, we looked at “constrained demand” in contrast to “unconstrained demand” and how the S&OP process is fundamental to interacting with both to optimize strategic decisions. This week, we take a look at accountability for both constrained and unconstrained demand, and how tolerances work to support our understanding of “hits and misses.” Without the right accountability and the right tolerances, we can spin our wheels. -- BEZA LIVESTREAM - S&OP Thursday - On the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month 3pm Eastern/2pm Central we'll discuss how S&OP changes the executive management of a business. Doug Dedman, a thought-leader of 20 years in S&OP, will demonstrate real-world scenarios in the Five Section Sheet (5SS) weekly. See more at here.


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